Thursday, June 28, 2012

Student Showcase 2012

We had an excellent turn out for our Annual Student Showcase. Throughout the summer, students have been engaged in various activities to explore dreams for their futures. In addition to putting their academic skills to use, they have also been challenged to think creatively through their classroom projects. Have a look at some sample projects below.

iChallenge Song: "Today's Learners, Tomorrow's Leaders" 

Several students from our program performed our district's motto, "Today's Learners, Tomorrow's Leaders" under the guidance of Music teacher, James Dean. 

3rd Grade: I Dream of. . . 

3rd graders researched several famous figures across different fields. They also chose people who represented a field or area of their interest and dressed up in order to pose for their live wax museum exhibit after their presentation. Way to strike a pose, third graders! 

4th Grade: Poetic Expression 

4th graders shared some inspirational poetry about their dreams along with some advertisements that utilized different persuasion tools. We definitely gave them a poetic clap after their presentation! 

5th Grade: Actor's Studio 

5th graders displayed their hard work by acting out a skit of The Intrepid Gorilla that they composed during their language arts class. Students did an amazing job of bringing their scripts to life! 

6th Grade: We are the Future 

6th grade did a wonderful job of sharing their future plans and showcasing posters they made. 

7th Grade: Our Vision, Our Future 

7th graders did an excellent job of sharing their future plans and why they choose that path. They also shared vision boards they created in their language arts class. 


We want to thank our teachers and students for the amazing job that they did during their presentations and program. We also want to thank our parents, families, and HPSD faculty/staff for their continued support of our program. 

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