Thursday, July 24, 2014

Program Finale

Our Program Finale was a huge success! We had a great turn out and our students were thrilled to showcase their learning. We want to thank our administrators, teachers, and parents for their support throughout the years and in making this program possible. We also thank our students for their hard work! Our students learned an important milestone Mississippi history and the Civil Rights Movement.

Project Showcase

Our Summer Experience 

Friday, June 20, 2014

iChallenge You to Smart & Healthy Habits!

Coach Jackson sharing tips for healthy living. 
We had a great turn out for our iChallenge You to Smart and Healthy Habits Event. We host this event every year to share resources and tips for keeping our kids' minds and bodies active throughout the summer. Elvira Deyamport presented Compass Learning and TrueFlix, two educational programs available for HPSD students. Parents and guardians were given tips on how to navigate both sites and encouraged to have their children log in weekly in order to give them a head start in the fall. Coach Lauren Smith then presented the website, Move to Learn, a Mississippi initiative to get our kids moving for 30 minutes a day. Finally, our guest speaker, Coach Elvin Jackson from Healthy Living Finess gave an inspirational talk on the importance of movement and fitness in our daily lives. We thank our  HPSD parents and families for their support and for allowing us to teach our kids during the summer!

It's the Electric Slide! Dancing is a great way to move and have fun!

In case you missed it, here are some of the resources shared during our presentations: 

Move to Learn Videos- Click here to find some fun videos for your children. Go to the "How do I do it?" Tab and select the video appropriate for your child's grade (i.e. K-3 or 4-6 grades). These are great for a rainy day!

Compass Learning & TrueFlix Instructions Handout- Click here to view or download the instructions to log into these great educational sites for our HPSD children. Remember, to ask Mrs. Deyamport for the login information!

You can also find links to the sites mentioned under our "HPSD Online Resources" Tab to the right.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

iChallenge You to Freedom!

Our iChallenge Program is off to a great start! Our students have been learning about key figures and events that took place during Freedom Summer of 1964. This summer commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Freedom Summer Movement and we are remembering our history in various ways.

 A Look at the Past 

 From reading novels about Freedom Summer to examining biographies and profiles of key activists, students are exploring different perspectives and experiences of this historic event. Students are also exploring the role numbers and math play during Freedom Summer by taking polls, measuring distances, and converting mug shot numbers. Finally, students are getting creative with different technology tools and poetry to retell the Freedom Summer experience through photography.

Freedom Summer Trail 

Part of our iChallenge Program includes a tour to several significant sites in Hattiesburg. Many of the places we visited were gathering places, which were pivotal during Freedom Summer of 1964. To download the tour guide, click here. Following the tour, we visited the African American Military Museum.

This has definitely been an enriching start and we look forward to sharing more of our learning at the end of the program showcase on July 2nd. We hope to see you there!