Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dream Big Talks Through Skype

To motivate our students to dream big this summer, we had several Skype calls with expert speakers in our Tech Class. Our speakers shared their journeys and dreams with us and encouraged our students to think about their interests and strengths when planning for the future. They all offered very inspiring messages and even challenged us to start taking action! Have a look at the excellent line up of guest speakers below.

A. Lenise: Kouture Magazine 

A. Lenise began our chat with her journey in reaching for her dreams. She mentioned that achieving these dreams sometimes meant standing out from the crowd and pursuing opportunities that interested her. Her career in fashion is a fascinating one, and we were very impressed by all the celebrities she has worked with! 

To get a glimpse into the fashion world, visit:

Abdul-Rahman Muhammad, Dream Chaser #1: Dream Support Network 

Abdul-Rahman Muhammad began his discussion with some tips for achieving one's dreams, which starts with a dream list. This dream list should include both immediate and future dreams, but more importantly, a plan for how to go about making those dreams come true. Without a plan, you are a dreamer. Instead, you should aim to be a dream chaser, and eventually a dream catcher, who makes it happen! After his talk, Abdul had several of our students share their dreams and offered advice for them. 

To read more about Abdul's work check out The Dream Support Network.  

C. Alexander London, Children's Author 

C. Alexander London began his chat by introducing himself and his advisor/buddy, Baxter (his dog). He then shared his journey in becoming a writer and the struggles he had with finding interesting books to read as a kid. This ultimately is what inspired him to write for kids and share some very wacky adventures. 

To check out C. Alexander London's Series and work, visit:

We thank all of our guest speakers for taking the time to talk to us during our program and inspiring us to DREAM BIG. 

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