Thursday, June 27, 2013

Project What?

This year's iChallenge theme was Project What? and students explored a variety of science themes ranging from Environmental Science to Space. Have a look at some of our budding scientists in action.

3rd Grade: It's All About Recycling 
Third graders explored recycling, its benefits, and even got creative with some recycling art! As a culminating activity, students took a trip to Sumrall Recycling Center to see how recycling actually works and the importance of it.

4th Grade: The World Around Us 

In exploring the world around them, fourth graders studied different habitats, grew their own plant, and got creative with some similes about nature and different animals.

5th Grade: Reporting Extreme Weather 

Our 5th graders studied different weather patterns, graphs to document weather patterns, and even created their own volcanoes! In preparation for their news weather broadcast project, this group visited the WHLT studio to meet reporters and get tips for their own project.

6th Grade: Experiments and more! 
Experiments are at the core of all scientific exploration and our 6th graders took part in several engaging ones throughout the program. One popular one was the "Mentos Experiment," which involved some gushing soda bottles! Who knew that science could be this much fun?

7th: Blast Off! 
Our 7th graders took a tour of space and created what life would be on these planets. Their objective was to convince others to visit their planets through their persuasive writing and speaking skills. The final products involved a model and infomercials for their planet.

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